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Super8Pool 1.0
8 ball pool game
Free, Update March 14, 2016
F Zero 1.00
One of the games from F-Zero series.
Free, Update Jan. 1, 2016
TAGs: arcade , future , racing , fzero , f-zero
Hall Maze Game 1.1.4
Hall Maze Game
Free, Update Nov. 17, 2015
User rating
3D Tube Racer 1.0
Race through 3d tubes.
Free, Update Nov. 2, 2015
User rating
TAGs: 3d race game
HMI Ticktacktoe Game 1.1.5
HMI Ticktacktoe Game
Free, Update Oct. 28, 2015
Editor's rating

User rating
ExtraMAME 15.9
A small Windows compatible game GUI wrapper.
Free to try; USD 29.99 to buy, Update Oct. 6, 2015
Editor's rating

TAGs: adventure , arcade , action , game , mario
Cute Gobang Game 1.1.3
Cute Gobang Game
Free, Update Sept. 23, 2015
Editor's rating

Free Addictive Word Game 1.8.4
Free Addictive Word Game
Free, Update Sept. 22, 2015
Editor's rating

Tic Tac Toe Game 1.9.6
Tic Tac Toe Game
Free, Update Sept. 21, 2015
Editor's rating

TAGs: tic tac toe , game
Happy Farm Game 1.2.5
Happy Farm Game
Free, Update Sept. 15, 2015
Editor's rating

TAGs: farm game , free , happy
Free Chess Game 1.4.5
Free Chess Game
Free, Update Sept. 14, 2015
Editor's rating

TAGs: game , chess
Free Bridge Card Game 1.6.4
Free Bridge Card Game
Free, Update Sept. 11, 2015
Editor's rating

TAGs: bridge card , game
Free Pc Reversi Game 2.1.3
Free Pc Reversi Game
Free, Update Sept. 10, 2015
Editor's rating

User rating
TAGs: game , pc , free , reversi
Crazy Donkey Game 1.1.3
Crazy Donkey Game
Free, Update Sept. 9, 2015
Editor's rating

TAGs: crazy donkey , game
Falling Blocks Game 1.8.4
Falling Blocks Game
Free, Update Sept. 3, 2015
Editor's rating

User rating
The Little Monsters Story 1.2
Another Bubble Bobble remake.
Free, Update Aug. 6, 2015
Editor's rating

Street Fighter Game 1.1.3
Street Fighter Game
Free, Update July 27, 2015
Editor's rating

Free Hexagons Game 1.8.3
Free Hexagons Game
Free, Update July 14, 2015
User rating
Let Me Out 1.7.3
Let Me Out
Free, Update July 13, 2015
Editor's rating

TAGs: let me out , game
Lace Wedding Dress 1.0
Lace Wedding Dress is an arcade game for free
Free, Update June 28, 2015
Editor's rating

User rating
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