Flowers Popper for Android 1.0

Match colorful flowers to remove them

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March 16, 2016
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From SoftAKGames

Flowers Popper for Android, its newest color-match, grid-based game, where players place a flower to form a row of three or more of the same color to remove them simultaneously. With no game clock, the 1-player game requires that an increasing number of flowers to be placed into field to level up. The greater the number of flowers removed at one time, the higher the value for each of them.

Flowers Popper tracks the player's best scores. With eye-catching graphics and smooth operation, Flowers Popper incorporates several important features not found in most similar games.

First, players can different types of flowers, some of them not removed, but changing color. Running up big scores and moving through the levels get more difficult with more flowers to remove.

The second feature that distinguishes Flowers Popper is that there is no game clock or timer. Free of any time pressure, players can relax and make more intelligent moves based on strategic planning. This helps players refine their skills.

Third, each level of play requires that an increased number of flowers be placed to advance to the next level. Level 1 requires a 20 flowers placed to go to Level 2. At Level 3 new type of flowers are introduced, instead of been removed, they would change color.

Fourth, Flowers Popper rewards players for removing large numbers of flowers simultaneously, rather than over several moves. Playesr can create cascades of flowers removed by using flowers changing colours.

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