Backgammon Classic Pro 6.1

A pro version of the backgammon classic game

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Oct. 7, 2014
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From Microsys Com Ltd.

This pro backgammon version is designed for skilled players. It has many playing options, an intuitive and easy to use interface, including a game position editor. New 2D and 3D design for game boards, game or match play, statistical information, save/load for games, doubling cube, new checker styles and rating support for twenty users are a few key features. Any game position, on the current board, can be saved as picture (jpeg format). You can export an entire match, in the universal text format, which can be imported and analyzed by other software. We added an external dice generator, in order to let you seeing the fairness of the game. This version allows you to make any move using only left button clicks or taps, and it was optimized for Windows 8 and Tablet PCs; it has an auto-resign feature for computer player, auto plays forced moves and it can display time information for games and matches. Top 20 hosts the first twenty best players in order of their ratings. Play it now and you can find out your real rating and have more fun!

TAGs: backgammon , dice , checkers , gammon , board

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