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Feb. 21, 2016
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From YL Computing, Inc

Email Excavator is an awards winning software to collect targeted email addresses from Internet. With this easy-to-use and powerful email collecting software, you can find your new customers easily! It supports to extract emails from the search engines using keywords and It also supports to extract emails from a website/domain e.g twitter,facebook.

Fastest email collector
It has great speed and extract email very fast. With moderate internet connection you can easily extract >100,000 email ID in an hour. This program supports to run on multi-instance mode. You can run many instance of Email Excavator at the same time.

Supports multi-threads mode
Email Excavator supports to enable multi-threads mode (up to 10 threads) and speed up the search process.

Supports to export results as EXCEL or TEXT format
This feature supports to save emails to the standard EXCEL or TEXT format.

Extract email from Web using Search Engine upon specified keywords
Web is the unlimited source of email ID. You have to insert a search keywords (example: small business), Select multiple search engine, Press search and sit back. It is capable to extract using all major search engine in this world.

Extract email and verify
mxlookup verification has been included and Email Excavator easily collect email and verify them. So, you will be able to save only the valid email ID from the collected list.

Extract email from specific URL
Just enter a URL you want to search for email ID and this software will collect all the emails present in that URL.

Get email ID from a specific country
Yes, you can collect email targeted to a specific country. Just select country wise search engine and the collector will extract email of that country user.

Filter out unwanted mails Use powerful filter option to escape saving unwanted mails
Using filter you can easily get only a specfic domain email, must have word email, free of duplicate source email and many more. You can easily filter out info, contact

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