Phrase Trainer 2

Phrase Trainer 2 makes it easy to learn riffs

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July 14, 2014
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From getting a great accuracy and speed to being able to play in all keys today's musicians must master every element of their skills. Phrase Trainer 2 is here to help with every step on the way of progress. And thanks to the redesigned user interface, Phrase Trainer 2 lets you move seamlessly among the elements, instantly going from setting/adjusting loop points,isolating parts of the song, to speed and key training and back again. And do it all with a single smart tool.
Why struggle with the cluttered interfaces, poor navigation, and antiquated window management that plague most similar software? Phrase Trainer 2 interface gives you a clear and configurable creative space that adapts to your practice routine and is made for musicians by a musician.

Phrase Trainer 2 has been cleverly designed to make every aspect of practice even faster and more fluid. Turn on/off different tools as you need them, instantly set loops and switch between them, and navigate with unparalleled speed and precision with Timeline Zoom and big waveform display. Phrase Trainer 2 even remembers all settings for you automatically so you can quit fiddling with the software and get on with the business of practice or playing along just for the fun of it.
Boost your skills to the next level with Phrase Trainer 2.

Pitch shift in -12...+12 semitones
Fine tuning in cents(1/100 of semitone)
Slowdown/speedup from -50%(half) to 100% (double) speed
Define as many loops per song as you want
Zoom in and out of large waveform display
Speed trainer, Pitch trainer
Integrated file explorer, play list support, folder based playing, recent files and folders list
Manipulate loops (Double loops,halve,shift...)
One click saving,no boring "save" dialogs etc...
Slow down music without changing pitch
Play all standar audio files including midi files
Export song as mp3,wav,ogg,wma

TAGs: slowdown , pitch , training , jam , loop

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Phrase Trainer 2 makes it easy to learn riffs
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Phrase Trainer 2 makes it easy to learn riffs
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