VImpX - ETL ActiveX

Integrate Data import routine into own soft

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March 16, 2014
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From DB Software Laboratory

Every application has to be able to import data.

You can write your own or use VImpX

The ability to export and import data is one of major function of any modern software package. To make it fast the developers should use low level API specific for the database. Plus, it is always necessary to be able to import data from various database types and file formats.

Visual Importer ActiveX works directly with Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Ole DB, plus full support for flat files, MS Excel, MS Access and DB files

- Easily extract and transform data from one database or file to another;
- Ultra-fast processing of data;
- Comprehensive Error log;
- Rejected records file;
- Integrated Expressions builder;
- Calculations during loading process;
- Cross tables loading;
- Mapping editor;
- SQL scripts support.

'It practically impossible, to find an expert with deep knowledge of low level API for all databases available on the market today'
By integrating one of DB Software Laboratory ActiveX into your own application you can quickly introduce fully functional universal import routine and cut the time and the cost required for the development of your own.

TAGs: load data , oracle , ms sql server , bcp , etl

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VImpX - ETL ActiveX
Integrate Data import routine into own soft
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