Makes miltiboot USB drive without formatting

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Oct. 1, 2016
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Your notebook with Windows or Linux onboard died? You need to rescue data, check for viruses, reinstall Windows on notebook to give it to your little sister? All of this actions could be done without any problems with just one bootable usb with 3-4 bootloaders on board! But creating bootable USB with several loaders may become not an easy task... And now you have to start searching for some information how to do it. You waste time, you become tired and stressed. BootLine helps you to install Windows 7,8,10 or run live images like Kaspersky or AVG Rescue Disk, CloneZilla and other from USB stick without formatting it in a few clicks! Bootline is portable version of web service - you can burn your multiple ISO to flash drive online in your browser. Our advantages: 1. Creating Multiboot USB flash drive 2. Formatting is not required in most cases 3. Helps to find disk images 4. No Ads 5. Portable app - installation not required 6. It's possible to post message to the forum directly from app 7. Burn images to USB drive in continuous process after choosing all

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Makes miltiboot USB drive without formatting
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