SecureBlackbox PHP 14.0

Document and network security library for PHP

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Oct. 31, 2015
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From EldoS Corporation

SecureBlackbox PHP is the comprehensive component collection for network and document security.

SecureBlackbox is split to several packages:

SFTPBlackbox - securely transfer files and perform remote file system operations using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) or create your own SFTP server.
SSHBlackbox - access remote SSH servers using SSH protocols or build your own SSH server.
FTPSBlackbox - transfer files securely using FTP (RFC 959) and FTP-over-SSL (also known as FTPS, FTP/SSL, as defined in RFC 2228) protocols or create your own FTP/FTPS server.
HTTPBlackbox - access web sites via HTTP and HTTPS protocols with Gzip compression or create your own HTTP / HTTPS server or proxy.
OpenPGPBlackbox - encrypt and sign files using OpenPGP algorithms and standards, generate and manage OpenPGP keys and keyrings.
XMLBlackbox - encrypt, sign and timestamp XML files or generic data using XML encryption and signing standards (XMLEnc, XMLDSig and XAdES).
PDFBlackbox - compress, encrypt, sign and timestamp PDF files using PDF and PAdES standards.
SSLBlackbox - client and server support for SSL and TLS 1.0-1.2 protocols as well as for Datagram TLS (DTLS).
MIMEBlackbox - compose and parse MIME messages with optional S/MIME or PGP/MIME.
MailBlackbox - send and receive e-mail using SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols.
PKIBlackbox - full scope of PKI and X.509 certificate management functions.
EDIBlackbox - exchange business information via AS2 and AS3 protocols.
ZIPBlackbox - compress and decompress data with strong encryption.
CloudBlackbox - securely store data in cloud storages.
OfficeBlackbox - encrypt or digitally sign Office documents.
WebDAVBlackbox - access and manage resources using WebDAV.
SAMLBlackbox - create SAML authentication clients and servers.
ASiCBlackbox - sign data using European standard for Associated Signature Containers (ASiC).

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