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Network Monitor II 22.4
Show you many information about your network.
Free, Update Jan. 28, 2016
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TAGs: wired , ip , lookup , network , address
docBird CrossReferencer 1.3.3
Generate your lookup tables.
Free to try; USD 49.95 to buy, Update June 20, 2014
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Alien IP 2.41
Look up host city by IP or web address
Free to try; USD 29.95 to buy, Update Dec. 16, 2013
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TAGs: resolve , geo , ip , lookup , search
Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel 3.1.4
Match and combine Excel spreadsheets
Free to try; USD 49.95 to buy, Update June 26, 2013
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TAGs: excel , table , list , lookup , marge
Parent Selector Column 2.0
Parent Selector Column for SharePoint
Free to try; USD 150.0 to buy, Update April 29, 2013
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Free .Net Email Validator 1.0.0
Check email adresses for validity
Free, Update Dec. 12, 2012
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TAGs: check , email , lookup , smtp
SoftFuse Whois 2.8
A desktop whois domain tool with SEO options
Free to try; USD 24.45 to buy, Update Feb. 13, 2012
TAGs: domain , tld , whois , network , lookup
Whois.dll 2.0
Whois.dll component for .NET
Free to try; USD 49.95 to buy, Update Dec. 31, 2011
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TAGs: dns , component , whois , lookup , .net
EAN Search and Lookup Multiple Codes Software 7.0
Search multiple EAN codes.
Free to try; USD 19.99 to buy, Update April 23, 2009
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Yahoo! Finance Get Multiple Stock Quotes Software 7.0
Get multiple stock quotes using Yahoo!
Free to try; USD 19.99 to buy, Update Dec. 27, 2008
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IP-Tools 2.58
19 TCP/IP utilites in one program.
Free to try; USD 35.0 to buy, Update Dec. 12, 2008
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TAGs: finger , whois , lookup , scanner , trace
IP2Location Geolocation ActiveX/COM Component 3.00
Lookup IP address to country, city and others
Free to try; USD 99.0 to buy, Update Nov. 1, 2008
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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Listings V1.0
Look up reverse cell phone listings easily
Free, Update Nov. 17, 2007
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TAGs: cell , listings , lookup , reverse , phone
IP2Proxy Anonymous Proxy Detection 2.0
Detect anonymous proxy server by IP address
Free to try; USD 0.0 to buy, Update Aug. 1, 2006
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IP2Location Geolocation Application 2.0
IP2Location Geolocation Web Service
Free to try; USD 0.0 to buy, Update Aug. 1, 2006
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  • Chrome Extensions
  • It shows Goole page rank, Alexa rank, Facebook shares, Twitter shares of any webpages on toolbar.
  • Shows a country flag for the current website on toolbar.
  • Simple bulk image download extension, filter by resolution and file type, download photos from multiple tabs in one click.
  • Online Toolbox
  • Find a geolocation of your IP address including latitude, longitude, city, region and country.
  • A User Agent is a short string that web browsers and other applications send to identify themselves to web servers.